Otani Hydraulic was founded in 2001. Since the company was founded, "to be the flange of the world" has become the firm concept of Otani Hydraulic staff.

It is based on this, the company has made great progress since its establishment, under the strong support and encouragement of the majority of enthusiastic customers, under the joint efforts of all Otani hydraulic staff, Otani Hydraulic has grown into a domestic professional SAE flange manufacturer, Otani Hydraulic with excellent products and services have been recognized by the majority of customers. Every Otani employee has deeply realized the personal significance of the company's development.

All the staff of Otani will unite closely and work hard to return customers with more, better and cheaper products to live up to the high expectations of the market.


Our pursuit is to provide our respected customers with professional products and services, so that we can grow into a professional enterprise and brand, and at the same time, every member of the company can live a happy and prosperous life.