SAE flange adapter sheet

SAE flange adapter sheet

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SAE flange
ISO6162 flange
J518C flange
Flange adapter

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SAE flange adapter sheet 3000 psi from 1/2" to 5" 6000 psi from 1/2" to 2" Material : Carbon steel

Product details

SAE flange adapter sheet

3000 psi, 1/2" ~ 5",  ZP301, ZP302,...

6000 psi, 1/2" ~ 2",  ZP601, ZP602,...



Carbon steel with three kinds of surface protection available :

1. Blank oiled, without suffix after the part No.  ZP301,...

2. Cr+3 zink plating, with the suffix -CFX after the part No. ZP301-CFX,...

3. Ni-Zn zink plating, with the suffix -ZN after the part No.  ZP301-ZN,...

SAE flange, also known as the Society of Automotive EngineSAE flange, also known as the Society of Automotive Engineers flange, is a type of mechanical fastener used in various industries for joining pipes, tubes, and fittings. It is designed to provide a secure connection between two or more components while ensuring easy assembly and disassembly.

One of the key features of SAE flanges is their standardization, which ensures compatibility and interchangeability between different manufacturers and applications. The SAE flange standards specify the dimensions, materials, and design specifications of the flanges, allowing for seamless integration into existing systems.

The SAE flange is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and process engineering. In these industries, it is essential to have reliable and durable connections that can withstand harsh operating conditions and high pressures. The SAE flange provides a solution to these challenges by offering superior strength, leak-tightness, and corrosion resistance.

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