SAE suction hose flange

SAE suction hose flange

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SAE flange
ISO6162 flange
J518C flange

Product overview:

SAE suction hose flange Only for 3000 psi, 2", 21/2", 3", 31/2" Material : carbon steel

Product details

SAE suction hose flange

Only for 3000 psi,  2",  21/2",   3",  3 1/2"

SHFL 306-62, SHFL 307-62, SHFL 308-91, SHFL 309-116

Flanges could be supplied in kits ( bolts, lock washers and O-ring)


Material carbon steel with three kinds of surafce protection available :

1. Blank oiled, without suffix after the part No.  SHFL 306-62,...

2. Cr+3 white zink plating, with the suffix -CFX after the part No. SHFL 306-62-CFX,...

3. Ni-Zn zink plating, with the suffix -ZN after the part No. SHFL 306-62-ZN,...

In terms of application scenarios, SAE flanges are widely used in pipelines, compressors, heat exchangers, valves, and other equipment. They are particularly suitable for applications where frequent maintenance or replacement of components is required, as they allow for quick and easy disconnection and reconnection.

One of the unique selling points of SAE flanges is their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. They are designed to operate in environments ranging from cryogenic temperatures to high-temperature processes. This makes them ideal for use in industries such as refining, petrochemical production, and power generation where extreme conditions are common.

Another advantage of SAE flanges is their versatility. They can be used in both stationary and mobile applications, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether it's connecting pipes in a refinery or on a construction site, SAE flanges provide a reliable and efficient solution.

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