SAE split flange halves-flat

SAE flange split halves & clamps

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SAE flange
ISO6162 flange
J518C flange
Split flange

Product overview:

SAE split flange halves-flat 1/2" ~ 2", 3000 psi & 6000 psi Material : carbon steel C60

Product details

SAE split flange halves-flat

3000 psi, 1/2" ~ 2",  HF 301,......, HF 306

6000 psi,1/2" ~ 2", HF 601,......, HF 606


Material carbon steel C60, with three kinds of surface protection available:

1. Blank oiled,  without suffix after the part No,  HF 301,......

2. Cr+3 white zink plating, with the suffix -CFX after the part No, HF 301-CFX,......

3. Ni-Zn zink plating, with the suffix -ZN after th epart No, HF 301-ZN,......

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