SAE butt welding flanges

SAE butt welding flanges

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SAE flange
ISO6162 flange
J518C flange
Butt weld flange

Product overview:

SAE butt welding flange 3000 psi from 1/2" to 5" 6000 psi from 1/2" ~ 3" Straight & elbow 90 Material : carbon steel & stainless steel

Product details

SAE butt welding flange

3000 psi, 1/2" ~ 5", AFS 301T -20x3, AFW 301T-20x3 (elbow 90),...

6000 psi, 1/2" ~ 3", AFS 601-20x3, AFW 601T-20x3 (elbow 90),...

Flanges could be supplied in kits (bolts, lock washers and O -ring)



Carbon steel, surface protection blank oiled, AFS 301T-20x3,...

Stainless steel SS 304/321, with the suffix -X after the part No, AFS 301T-20x3-X,...

Stainless steel SS 316L, with the suffix -XX after the parts No, AFS 301T-20x3-XX,...


The SAE flange is a crucial component in various hydraulic systems, widely used in industries such as construction, agriculture, and mining. This precision-engineered flange ensures a leak-proof connection between hydraulic components, guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic systems.

With its exceptional quality and performance, the SAE flange stands out among its competitors. Its key advantage lies in its ability to withstand high-pressure environments, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. Whether it’s transferring power, controlling fluid flow, or conducting system maintenance, the SAE flange delivers superior performance under extreme conditions.

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