SAE locking flange sheet

SAE locking flange sheet

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SAE flange
ISO6162 flange
J518C flange

Product overview:

SAE locking flange sheet 3000 psi from 1/2" to 5" 6000 psi from 1/2" to 2" Material : Carbon steel

Product details

SAE locking flange sheet

3000 psi, 1/2" ~ 5",  AP301, AP302,...

6000 psi, 1/2" ~ 2", AP601, AP602,...



Carbon steel with three kinds of surface protection available :

1. Blank oiled,  without suffix after the part No.  AP301,...

2. Cr+3 white zink plating, with the suffix -CFX after the part No. AP301-CFX,...

3. Ni-Zn zink plating, with the suffix -ZN after the part No. AP301-ZN,...

The SAE flange’s standardized design adheres to industry specifications, ensuring interchangeability with other manufacturers’ components. This compatibility reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency.

The SAE flange’s outstanding features, including its high-pressure resistance, durability, compatibility, and ease of installation, make it the ideal choice for professionals seeking a reliable and efficient hydraulic solution. Experience the superior performance and reliability that the SAE flange offers, and empower your hydraulic systems for optimal productivity and success.

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